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Import Virtual Machine from Image to VMware

  1. Connect to your VSphere Client and select File Deploy OVF Template. Then follow the instructions in the table below:

    Step Description


    Browse for the folder that contains the Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance template.

    OVF Template Details

    Review information on this template.

    Name and Location

    Select a name for the new virtual machine if you do not want to use the default name "Netwrix Auditor".

    NOTE: The name must be unique within the inventory folder and may contain up to 80 characters including spaces.

    Resource Pool

    Select a resource pool to deploy Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance.


    Select destination storage.

    Disk Format

    Netwrix recommends to select the Thin Provision option to save your disk space.

    Network Mapping

    If you have multiple networks on your ESXi Server, select the Destination network for a new virtual machine.

    Ready to Complete

    Review your virtual machine settings. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

  2. Select the newly created virtual machine and click Power On.

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