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Import Virtual Machine from Image to Hyper-V

  1. On your Hyper-V server, unzip the Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance package to the specified location.
  2. Navigate to Start All Apps Hyper-V Manager.
  3. In the Hyper-V Manager, navigate to Actions Import virtual machine and follow the instructions of the wizard. Review the table below for more information.

    Step Description

    Locate Folder

    Browse for the folder that contains extracted Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance.

    Select Virtual Machine

    Select Netwrix Auditor.

    Choose Import Type

    Choose the import type that best suits your needs.

    Choose Network Type

    Select a virtual switch.


    Review your virtual machine settings. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

    NOTE: If your Hyper-V server runs Windows Server 2012, instead of importing a virtual machine, select New virtual machine. Proceed with the wizard: set startup memory to 4096 MB, specify your network switch, and select Use an existing virtual hard disk option—NetwrixAuditor.vhdx disk (located in NetwrixAuditor-hyperv\Netwrix Auditor\Virtual Hard Disks) to this machine.

  4. The newly created virtual machine named Netwrix Auditor will appear in the list of virtual machines. Right-click and select Start.

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