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How Risk Levels Are Estimated

As mentioned, dashboard and built-in reports give you a bird's eye view of the following high-risk areas:

  • User and computer accounts
  • Permissions
  • Data
  • Infrastructure

Within each area, Netwrix Auditor industry experts identified risk categories and suggested guidelines for them. For example, if the number of administrative accounts in your organization is less than 2%, the risk should be considered insufficient. If the value is between 2% and 3%, the risk is moderate, while any value that exceeds 3% should be considered a high risk. These guidelines are based on security best practices and analytical data.

The product compares your environment configuration against these metrics and assigns a risk level to each category. The risk levels in each category determine the overall risk level for the area you review. The following risk levels are available:

Risk level Color Comments
Low Green Keep monitoring your environment on a regular basic.
Medium Yellow Proactively mitigate risks and adjust your workflows before the breach occurs.
High Red Respond to the threat as soon as possible.

* -here the Overall number of servers means the number of Windows servers for which data collection was a success. That said, this count may vary across the risks. In such a case, it is recommended to examine Netwrix Auditor health log and omit lists.

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