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Revision History

Revision # Date Summary of Changes

Revision 1


Initial version of documentation for Netwrix Auditor 9.9.

Revision 2


Fixes to AD FS section.

Minor formatting fixes.

Revision 3


Added information about WinRM to Protocols and Ports Required for Monitoring AD FS Logons

Fixed command line syntax in the Configure Exchange Administrator Audit Logging Settings.

Edited the What Has Been Fixedsection.

Added a link to KB article to the Netwrix Auditor Working Folder.

Revision 4


Edited the What Has Been Fixedsection.

Minor formatting fixes.

Revision 5


Information about Exchange 2019 support added to the Deployment chapter.

Minor fixes.

Revision 6 13/01/2020

System requirements for Netwrix Auditor Server and client updated upon Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and Windows 7 end of support.

Formatting fixes to Configure Active Directory Domain for Monitoring

Revision 7 24/01/2020

Updated description for Customize risk indicators command in the IT Risk Assessment Dashboard section.

Revision 8 07/02/2020

Information about VMware Cloud on AWS deployment added to the Requirements to Deploy Virtual Appliance section.

Items fixed in Update 2 included in the What Has Been Fixed section.

Step 1 (upgrade of non-supported Windows OS versions) added to Before Starting the Upgrade section.

Re-structured a paragraph about security log backup and retention on a domain controller in the Configure IT Infrastructure for Auditing and Monitoring section.

Revision 9


Information about Netwrix Auditor editions updated as per PMs' comments and added to Online Help Center. See Product Editions for more information.

Data Discovery and Classification: DDC Collector hardware requirements updated after Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.2 release and performance testing results. See Hardware Requirements for more information.

Revision 9


Information about required settings in case of using Netwrix Auditor and Netwrix Auditor add-on for Nutanix Files added to Before Starting the Upgrade and Nutanix SMB Shares.

Revision 10


Minor typo and formatting fixes.

Revision 11


Minor formatting fixes in the Configure EMC Isilon in Compliance Mode section.
Fixed the description of advanced audit policy in the Configure Advanced Audit Policies section.

Revision 12 17/03/2020

Fixed the screenshot and the list of data sources in the State–in–Time Reports

Fixed the path to default location for storing large attachments in the Create Subscriptions section.

Revision 13 30/03/2020

Removed the note about E1 license from Supported Data Sources section.

Added the AD FS admin log to the list of logs with recommended settings in the Configure IT Infrastructure for Auditing and Monitoring section. Screenshot fixed.

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