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Revision History

Revision # Date Summary of Changes

Revision 1


Initial version of documentation for Netwrix Auditor 9.8.

Revision 2


Refreshed content and added information about state-in-time data collection to the list of data sources in the Monitored Object Types, Actions, and Attributes section.

Revision 3


Important Product Upgrade Information:

Netwrix Data Classification is a new product that replaces Netwrix Auditor DDC Edition. The new product retains backward compatibility with Netwrix Auditor data discovery and classification reporting features and offers a direct upgrade path from the previous versions of Netwrix Auditor DDC Edition. You can learn more about Netwrix Data Classification here: Netwrix Data Classification Online Help Center.

Revision 4


Added a note about mailbox folder exclusion from processing on Exchange 2010 to the Exclude Data from Exchange Monitoring Scope section.

Revision 5


Added How It Works: Data Collection from VMware Servers section. Minor formatting fixes.

Revision 6


Detailed information about Long-Term Archive retention added to the File-Based Repository for Long-Term Archive section.

Types of monitored mailboxes were listed in the Monitoring Non-Owner Mailbox Access section.

Note about stand-alone SQL Server monitoring added to the Supported Data Sources section.

Fixed description of allowedpathlist.txt and omitallowedpath.txt in the Exclude Data from Active Directory Monitoring Scope section.

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