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Revision History

Revision # Date Summary of Changes

Revision 1


Initial version of documentation for Netwrix Auditor 9.9.

Revision 2 29/11/2019

Fixes to AD FS section.

Minor formatting fixes.

Revision 3


Added information about WinRM to Protocols and Ports Required for Monitoring AD FS Logons

Fixed command line syntax in the Configure Exchange Administrator Audit Logging Settings.

Edited the What Has Been Fixedsection.

Added a link to KB article to the Netwrix Auditor Working Folder.

Revision 4 13/12/2019

Edited the What Has Been Fixedsection.

Minor formatting fixes.

Revision 5 27/12/2019

Information about Exchange 2019 support added to the Deployment chapter.

Minor fixes.

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