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Organization Level Reports

Organization Level reports aggregate data on all monitoring plans and list changes and activity that occurred across all data sources.

NOTE: If you are sure that some audit data is missing (e.g., you do not see information on your file servers in reports and search results), verify that the Audit Database settings are configured and that data is written to databases that reside on the default SQL Server instance.

By default, Netwrix Auditor allows generating reports and running interactive searches on data collected in the last 180 days. If you want to investigate incidents that occurred more than 180 days ago, ask your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator to import that data from the Long-Term Archive.

Organization Level reports can be found in the Organization Level Reports folder under the Reports node.

NOTE: Each report has a set of filters which help organize audit data in the most convenient way. See Leverage Filtering Capabilities for more information. You can also create a subscription to any report you want to receive on a regular basis. See Subscriptions for more information.

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