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Overview Dashboards

Overview dashboards offer a bird's eye view of your IT infrastructure. They allow you to see activity trends by date, user, object type, server or data source, and drill down to detailed reports for further analysis.

The Enterprise Overview diagram aggregates data on all monitoring plans and all data sources, while system-specific diagrams provide quick access to important statistics within one data source.

NOTE: To review intelligence data, you must be assigned the Global administrator or Global reviewer role in the product. The users assigned the Reviewer role on a certain plan or folder have a limited access to data—only within a delegated scope. See Role-Based Access and Delegation for more information.

The current version of Netwrix Auditor contains the following diagrams:

  • Enterprise (aggregates data on all data sources listed below)
  • Active Directory
  • Azure AD
  • Exchange
  • File Servers (includes Windows File Servers, EMC, and NetApp)
  • Office 365 (includes Exchange Online and SharePoint Online)
  • Oracle Database
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • VMware 
  • Windows Server

NOTE: If you are sure that some audit data is missing (e.g., you do not see information on your file servers in reports and search results), verify that the Audit Database settings are configured and that data is written to databases that reside on the default SQL Server instance.

By default, Netwrix Auditor allows generating reports and running interactive searches on data collected in the last 180 days. If you want to investigate incidents that occurred more than 180 days ago, ask your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator to import that data from the Long-Term Archive.

All diagrams provide the drill-down functionality, which means that by clicking on a segment, you will be redirected to a report with the corresponding filtering and grouping of data that renders the next level of detail.

To review the Enterprise Overview diagram

  • On the main Netwrix Auditor page, click the Enterprise Overview tile.

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