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What's New in 9.6

Identify, assess and reduce risks to your IT infrastructure and data

Visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments

New: Health Status Dashboard—Look at your audit status through a single pane of glass.

Simplify maintenance and troubleshooting tasks with at-a-glance view on the product health, data collection performance, and storage capacity displayed in the dashboard widgets. Drill down to the detailed information on the critical issues and the aspects you are interested in:

  • Activity records statistics
  • Actionable live statuses for monitoring plans

  • All Netwrix Auditor Health log events in a single place
  • Database usage statistics
  • Disk space usage rate for Long-Term Archive and working folder

To learn more, refer to Review Health Status Dashboard

New: Netwrix Auditor Health status email—A single email report sent daily to the persons operating Netwrix Auditor providing a whole picture of the audit status.

To learn more, refer to Netwrix Auditor Health Summary Email.

New: Active Directory Membership Reports—Review security principals from other domains that are audited within one instance of Netwrix Auditor.

New: Streamlined Alerts—Fine-tune your alerts with live data in "Preview".

+ More than 20 additional enhancements that improve usability, performance, supportability and scalability

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