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What's New in 9.9

Visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments IT Risk Assessment

Don’t let attackers sneak around in your IT infrastructure

New: Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 – Untangle SharePoint Online permissions. Strengthen security and prove compliance to auditors with enhanced visibility into who has access to what in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

New: Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 – Enhance transparency and security of your Exchange Online environment. Identify users that have access rights beyond what they need. Spot improper delegation and reduce data exposure in a few clicks.

New: Netwrix Auditor Netwrix Auditor for VMware – Detect unauthorized attempts to log on to your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers that could indicate an intrusion attack. Ensure that each successful logon to your virtual environment is fully authorized.

New: Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory – Watch your cloud applications for security threats. Reduce the risk of attackers taking control of the cloud applications your business relies on. Strengthen your access controls by detecting unauthorized AD FS logon attempts and getting actionable intelligence about them.

New: Netwrix Auditor Add-on for CyberArk Privileged Access Security – Keep the keys to your IT environment safe. Detect and investigate unauthorized activity across Privileged Session Manager and Enterprise Password Vault, including Central Policy Manager.

New: Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit – Audit modifications of your configuration files, monitoring plans, data sources and audit scope. Log each local and remote launch of the product, so you can keep administrators accountable for their actions and comply with PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and other regulatory standards.

Improved: Enterprise Overview dashboard and reports for your audited systems – Understand which of your critical IT assets requires attention in a flash with a 360-degree graphical view of what’s happening across your IT systems.

+ Other additional enhancements that improve usability and performance.

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