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What Has Been Fixed

This section lists issues that were known in the earlier versions and have been fixed in Netwrix Auditor 9.9.

Issue Description
Update 1
New: Optimized Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance configuration: pre-configured monitoring plan for User Activity monitoring is now disabled by default.
New: Item 146388 Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD provides the ability to search and alert on sign-ins from IPs or locations outside the list of permitted ones (whitelist).
Ticket 278352: Item 140072 Netwrix Auditor shows 'Access Denied' error on the Activity record details pane for the Activity Records containing a large number of changed attributes.
Ticket 280755: Item 140157 Netwrix Auditor for User Activity reports 'Could not find a part of the path' warnings for missing video files.
Ticket 280736: Item 140266 For the folders with symbolic links, Netwrix Auditor for File Server incorrectly shows permissions in state-in-time reports.
Ticket 279055: Item 141009 For different folders with equal NTFS permissions, Netwrix Auditor for File Servers incorrectly shows permissions in state-in-time reports.
Ticket 282986: Item 143933 Too long processing of vim.event.HostSubSpecificationUpdateEvent vSphere Web Services API event during Netwrix Auditor for VMware data collection.
Ticket 280561: Item 143188 Private Bytes and Handles leaks occur in Netwrix Auditor for User Activity when using custom credentials in Custom location of session recordings setting.
Ticket 282899, 282417: Item 142174 Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD reports failed logons for the data processing account.
Ticket 283893: Item 145178 Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 partially collects SharePoint Online snapshot due to a throttling error: 'The remote server returned an error: (429) Too many requests.'

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