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What Has Been Fixed

This section lists issues that were known in the earlier versions and have been fixed in Netwrix Auditor 9.9.

Issue Description
Item 132124 Netwrix Auditor Active Directory State Data Provider fails to process snapshots containing objects of sentillion-UserIdentity class.
Item 132123 Netwrix Auditor Active Directory State Data Provider fails to process snapshots containing objects with digit-only Class Names.
Item 117422 Group Policy snapshots are not deleted from the Long-Term Archive according to the retention settings specified in the product UI.
Item 123602 Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory does not report on Active Directory object restorations.
Item 130579 Netwrix Auditor for Group Policy incorrectly reports on changes to GPO links for different Organizational Units with identical names within the same GPO.
Item 128694 Netwrix Auditor for Exchange Online stops working if EOAccountTenant.xml file is corrupted.
Ticket 273881 : Item 133988 Netwrix Auditor for File Server experiences snapshot issue that forces data collection to run as initial.
Ticket 279604: Item 132472 Duplicated data appears in the "Sensitive Files Count by Source" report.
Item 131958 Timezone adjustment does not work properly in Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices.
Ticket 276955: Item 126127 Netwrix Auditor fails to locate logon events in the Long-Term Archive when trying to import data to SQL Server database.
Ticket 273112: Item 112122 Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server Health log includes old events from the .buffer files that were not deleted from the compression service's folder.

Bug 116427

In some cases, the "Overexposed Sensitive Data Objects" report does not display root site of the audited Site Collection.

Bug: 138264

If several monitoring plans are targeted at the file share, and omit lists are configured for different subfolders of that share, then Netwrix Auditor for File Server cannot set SACL for these subfolders.

Bug: 137308 When trying to upload state-in-time data to the database on SQL Server 2017, Netwrix Auditor for File Server fails with the following error: 'Error processing a state-in-time snapshot: 0x80004005 Client unable to establish connection'.

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