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Monitoring Plans

To start auditing your environment and analyzing user behavior with Netwrix Auditor, create a monitoring plan. All your monitoring plans are listed in the Monitoring Plans section.

A monitoring plan defines your data sources and general data collection, notification, and storage settings. To start collecting data, choose a data source, such as Active Directory or SharePoint, and add items to its scope. Item is a specific object you want to audit, e.g., a server, SharePoint farm. All data sources and items in your plan share common settings so that you can supervise and manage several data collections as one.

On a high level, you should perform the following steps to start monitoring your environment:

  1. Create a monitoring plan with a wizard. See Create a New Plan for more information.
  2. Add data sources. Although you are prompted to select the first data source in the wizard, you can specify more data sources later. See Manage Data Sources for more information.
  3. Add items for monitoring. Netwrix Auditor does not collect data until you specify an item. See Add Items for Monitoring for more information.

Once you create a plan, it becomes available in the Monitoring Plans section. To review your plan, navigate to the Monitoring Plans section and expand the All Monitoring Plans tree.

To.. Do..

See plan overview

Click on a plan name to see data sources included in the plan and data collection status for each data source.

Update data collection status and generate Activity Summary with latest changes

Select a plan and click Edit. On the page that opens, click Update.

Modify plan settings, add or delete data sources, add or delete items

Select a plan and click Edit. On the page that opens, review your plan in details. Review the following for additional information:

Assign roles

Click Delegate to review current delegations and assign roles. You can delegate control of a monitoring plan to another administrator, or grant read access—reviewer role—to the data collected by this plan. To simplify delegation, you can further organize the monitoring plans into folders. See Role-Based Access and Delegation for more information.

Review data collected for the monitoring plan

Select a plan and click Edit. On the page that opens, click Search in the Intelligence section. The interactive search page will appear with a monitoring plan filter set to your plan name.

Netwrix Auditor provides quick access to reports as well. To see the reports list, click View reports.

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