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When you create the first monitoring plan, you are prompted to specify the email settings that will be used for activity and health summaries, reports and alerts delivery. For the monitoring plans that follow, Netwrix Auditor will automatically detects SMTP settings; however, for your first plan you should provide them manually. Complete the following fields:

Option Description

SMTP server

Enter your SMTP server address. It can be your company's Exchange server or any public mail server (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo).

Port number

Specify your SMTP server port number.

Sender address

Enter the address that will appear in the From field.

NOTE: It is recommended to click Send Test Email. The system will send a test message to the specified email address and inform you if any problems are detected.

SMTP authentication

Select this checkbox if your mail server requires the SMTP authentication.

User name

Enter a user name for the SMTP authentication.


Enter a password for the SMTP authentication.

Use Secure Sockets Layer encrypted connection (SSL)

Select this checkbox if your SMTP server requires SSL to be enabled.

Use implicit SSL authentication

Select this checkbox if the implicit SSL mode is used, which means that an SSL connection is established before any meaningful data is sent.

Enforce certificate validation to ensure security

Select this checkbox if you want to verify security certificate on every email transmission.

NOTE: The option is not available for auditing User Activity as well Netwrix Auditor tools.

NOTE: You can skip this step if you do not want to receive email notifications, or configure SMTP settings later, as described in the See Notifications for more information.

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