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New Monitoring Plan

Option Description

Specify the account for collecting data

Provide a user name and a password for the account that Netwrix Auditor will use to collect data. By default, the user name is prepopulated with your account name.

Make sure the account has sufficient permissions to collect data. For a full list of the rights and permissions, and instructions on how to configure them, refer to Configure Data Collecting Account. Netwrix recommends creating a special service account with extended permissions.

When you configure a monitoring plan for the first time, the account you specify for data collection will be set as default.

Configure audit settings

For most data sources, Netwrix Auditor can configure audit settings in your environment automatically. Select Adjust audit settings automatically. In this case, Netwrix Auditor will continually check and enforce the relevant audit policies.

NOTE: Netwrix Auditor has certain limitations when configuring audit settings for NetApp and EMC. See File Servers for more information.

For a full list of audit settings and instructions on how to configure them manually, refer to Netwrix Auditor Installation and Configuration Guide.

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