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Windows File Share

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Specify Windows file share

Provide UNC path to a shared resource. See the section below for special considerations.

NOTE: Do not specify a default file share mapped to a local drive (e.g., \\Server\e$).

Specify the account for collecting data

Select the account that will be used to collect data for this item. If you want to use a specific account (other than the one you specified during monitoring plan creation), select Custom account and enter credentials. The credentials are case sensitive.

NOTE: A custom account must be granted the same permissions and access rights as the default account used for data collection. See Configure Data Collecting Account for more information.

Peculiarities and Considerations

Working with DFS File Shares

Netwrix Auditor supports auditing of DFS and clustered file servers if Object Access Auditing is enabled on DFS file shares or on every cluster node.

  • When adding a cluster file server for auditing, it is recommended to specify a server name of the Role server or a UNC path of the shared folder located on the Role server.
  • When adding a DFS file share for auditing, specify a Windows file share item and provide the UNC path of the whole namespace or UNC path of the DFS link (folder). For example:
    • "\\domain\dfsnamespace\" (domain-based namespace) or "\\server\dfsnamespace\" (in case of stand-alone namespace);
    • "\\domain\dfsnamespace\link" (domain-based namespace) or "\\server\dfsnamespace\link" (in case of stand-alone namespace).
  • For recommendations on configuring DFS replication, refer to this Knowledge Base article.

Working with Mount Points

You can specify a mount point as a monitored item. However, consider the following:

  • If a mount point represents a shared folder, then the objects in its root will be initially collected by Netwrix Auditor and appear as processed by System account. Wait for the next data collections - then all actions for these objects will be monitored in a normal way.
  • To monitor the mount points targeted at the subfolder of a file share, provide network path to the target subfolder.

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