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EMC Isilon

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Specify EMC Isilon storage array

Provide the IP address or the host name of the name server used to connect to your access zone. For example, account.corp.lab

Access Zone

Enter the name of access zone partition within your EMC Isilon cluster. For example, zone_account

OneFS web administration interface URL

Enter EMC Isilon web administration URL (e.g., https://isiloncluster.corp.lab:8080). This URL is used to get configuration details about your Isilon cluster via OneFS API.

File Share UNC path to audit logs

Path to the file share located on a EMC Isilon with event log files (e.g., \\srv\netwrix_audit$\logs\).

Specify the account for collecting data

Select the account that will be used to collect data for this item. If you want to use a specific account (other than the one you specified during monitoring plan creation), select Custom account and enter credentials. The credentials are case sensitive.

NOTE: A custom account must be granted the same permissions and access rights as the default account used for data collection. See Configure Data Collecting Account for more information.


Monitor the following shares

If you want to limit your auditing scope by several shares, click Add under the Specific file shares and select shared folders. Otherwise, all file shares (except hidden) hosted on this server will be audited.

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