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AD Container

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Specify AD container

Specify a whole AD domain, OU or container. Click Browse to select from the list of containers in your network. You can also:

  • Select a particular computer type to be audited within the chosen AD container: Domain controllers, Servers (excluding domain controllers), or Workstations.

  • Click Exclude to specify AD domains, OUs, and containers you do not want to audit. In the Exclude Containers dialog, click Add and specify an object.

NOTE: The list of containers does not include child domains of trusted domains. Use other options (Computer, IP range to specify the target computers.

Specify the account for collecting data

Select the account that will be used to collect data for this item. If you want to use a specific account (other than the one you specified during monitoring plan creation), select Custom account and enter credentials. The credentials are case sensitive.

NOTE: A custom account must be granted the same permissions and access rights as the default account used for data collection. See Configure Data Collecting Account for more information.

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