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Oracle Database

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Monitor this data source and collect activity data

Enable monitoring of the selected data source and configure Netwrix Auditor to collect and store audit data.


Netwrix Auditor will automatically look up additional system components and prompt you to install those that are missing. In case all required components have been already installed, this section will be omitted. See Additional Components for more information.

Monitor Oracle Database logon activity

Specify what types of logon events you want to monitor:

  • Failed logons
  • Successful logons
  • Logoffs

Include or exclude specific users from monitoring

Click Specify Users and configure the following:

  • Specify users for monitoring—Add users to be included in the auditing scope by specifying their names and type (OS or database user).
  • Exclude—Add users to be excluded from the auditing scope by specifying their names and type (OS or database user).

    NOTE: User names are case sensitive.

Audit data access and changes

Create rules for objects and actions that you want to audit. Click Add rule, specify a name of Oracle database object or schema and check actions (successful or failed reads, successful or failed changes).

NOTE: Schema and object names are case sensitive.

Review your data source settings and click Add to go back to your plan. The newly created data source will appear in the Data source list. As a next step, click Add item to specify an object for monitoring. See Add Items for Monitoring for more information.

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