Product Editions

Netwrix Auditor is available in three editions: full-featured Enterprise Advanced and limited Business Essentials that are activated with a license key and the most limited Free Community Edition that is distributed free of charge.

Netwrix Auditor Enterprise Advanced can be evaluated for 20 days. During this period you have free, unlimited access to all features and functions. After the evaluation license expires, the product will prompt you to supply a commercial license where you can choose if you want to stay on advanced version or have limited set of functions available in Business Essentials. Alternatively, you can switch to Free Community Edition.

Free Community Edition helps you maintain visibility into your environment by delivering daily reports that summarize changes that took place in the last 24 hours. However, you will no longer be able to use interactive search, predefined reports, alerts and dashboards, or store your security intelligence. After switching to free mode, you may need to re-arrange your audit configuration due to the limitations.

When running Free Community Edition, at any time you can upgrade to Enterprise Advanced or Business Essentials, simply by supplying a commercial license in Settings Licenses.

Refer to a table below to compare product editions.

Feature Free Community Edition Business Essentials Enterprise Advanced
Deployment options One Netwrix Auditor client instance per one Netwrix Auditor Server Multiple Netwrix Auditor clients for Netwrix Auditor Server Multiple Netwrix Auditor clients for Netwrix Auditor Server

Role–based access and delegation


Support plan

Forum support only



Automatic audit configuration + + +
Data sources
Active Directory (including Group Policy and Logon Activity) One domain

Unlimited domains Up to 250 AD users

Azure AD One Office 365 tenant Unlimited
Exchange One domain Unlimited
EMC One server or one file share, or one IP range, or one OU Unlimited
NetApp One server or one file share, or one IP range, or one OU Unlimited
Windows File Servers One server or one file share, or one IP range, or one OU

Up to 10 TB of data

Office 365 (including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business) One Office 365 tenant Unlimited

Network Devices

One network device or one IP range


Oracle Database One Oracle Database instance Unlimited
SharePoint One SharePoint farm Unlimited
SQL Server One SQL Server instance Unlimited
VMware One VMware Virtual Center Unlimited
Windows Server One server or IP range or one Active Directory container

Up to 10 Windows Servers

Netwrix Auditor tools
Netwrix Auditor Object Restore for Active Directory + +
Netwrix Auditor Event Log Manager + +
Netwrix Auditor Inactive User Tracker + +
Netwrix Auditor Password Expiration Notifier + +
Data collection details
Who + +
What + + +
When + + +
Where + + +
Workstation + + +
User Activity video recording + +

Activity Summary

1 recipient

2 recipients

Multiple recipients


Both Long-Term Archive and Audit Database

Both Long-Term Archive and Audit Database

No user profile details in Search, no automated response

Reports (including organization–level reports, overview diagrams, change and activity reports, reports with video and review status) and special report packs + +
State–in–time reports

No Risk Assessment reports

Ability to save search as a custom report + +
Subscriptions Up to 2 recipients +

Up to 2 recipients of alerts;

No tags in alerts

Behavior Anomaly Discovery dashboard +
IT Risk Assessment dashboard +
Netwrix Auditor Integration API
Data in +
Data out +