Migrate Document

This action can be used to copy or move a document between content sources (from 'source' to 'destination'). Simple migration copies the file and any document properties and is supported by all content source types. Migration action properties specific for different content source types are listed in the table below.

Type As 'source' As 'destination'

Migration Config


Supports structured migration? Move? Update source item? Mark source 'read-only'?
Exchange Yes No   Yes No No No
File System Yes Yes Custom -File Share Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes Source (Google Drive account) Yes No No No
SharePoint Yes Yes Custom -SharePoint Site Collection Yes Yes Yes No
SQL and other databases Yes No   Yes No No No

IMPORTANT! Before you add the Migration action to your workflow, you should configure migration destinations. See Configuring Destinations for Migration Action.

When running the Workflow wizard and having selected Migration as action, you will be prompted to configure related settings.

To modify action settings for the certain workflow, select the workflow and use the Advanced UI window. See Modify Migration action settings for more information.