The Dropbox source configuration screen allows you to enable the crawling and classification of content stored in Dropbox cloud storage.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you created App for Dropbox crawling before start adding the source. See Configure Dropbox for Crawling for more information.

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Access Token

Provide the token you generated when authorizing your App. See To authorize your app for more information.

Access Shared Team Folder as:

If you have team folders in your Dropbox namespace and you want to crawl one or more of these folders with Netwrix Data Classification, provide the email address of an account that has access to the desired team folders.

For personal folders, this option is not required.

For more information, refer to Dropbox Namespace guide.

OCR Processing mode

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Advanced Settings

Click the "wrench" icon in the Settings area () at the bottom of the screen to expand the following advanced settings:

  • Re-Index Period — specifies how often the source should be checked for changes. The number specifies the period in days.
  • Priority — specifies the priority of content source processing in the service queues.
  • Document Type — can be used to specify a value which can be used to restrict queries when utilizing the core search index.

Source Group

Netwrix recommends creating a dedicated source group for Dropbox.

Pause source on creation

Select if you want to make other configuration changes before collection of the source occurs.