Hardware Requirements

Review the hardware requirements for the computer where Netwrix Data Classification will be installed.

You can deploy Netwrix Data Classification on a virtual machine running Microsoft Windows guest OS on the corresponding virtualization platform, in particular:

  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Nutanix AHV

Note that Netwrix Data Classification supports only Windows OS versions listed in the Software Requirements section.

Netwrix Data Classification Server

The requirements in this section apply to a single Netwrix Data Classification server.

To deploy a server cluster, make sure all planned cluster nodes meet the requirements listed below. Consider deploying 1 Netwrix Data Classification Server per approx. 16, 000, 000 objects to process.

See Deployment Planning and Configuring NDC Servers Cluster and Load Balancing with DQS Mode for more information.

Hardware Component 1 Server per 16 M objects


8 Cores


32 GB

Hard disk

UP TO 35% of all data in scope

Hard drive type

SSD storage (recommended)

SQL Server

Review the hardware requirements for the computer where Netwrix Data Classification SQL Database will be deployed.

Hardware Component

Up to 16 M objects

Up to 32 M objects and up to 8 M objects for SharePoint

Up to 64 M objects and up to 16 M objects for SharePoint


8 cores

8 cores

8 cores

RAM 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Hard disk Estimate required disk space assuming 10 - 12 KB per indexed object. For example, for 5, 000, 000 objects, the database size will be approximately 50 GB. See also Deployment Planning.

Hard disk type

SSD storage (recommended)

Network Access

Specification Requirement

Network access

Ensure that your Netwrix Data Classification servers are available over the network on a HTTP compliant port from all machines where the client interface (management console) will run.