NDC Server

Netwrix Data Classification Server can be deployed on a physical server or on a virtual machine in the virtualized environment on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V platform.

When planning for NDC Server, consider a significant CPU load during data processing. Thus, installing NDC Server on a highly-loaded production machine is not recommended. For more information, refer to Hardware Requirements.

Web-based client (management console) is always installed together with the NDC Server, so the IIS server role must be enabled on the target machine. For more information, refer to Software Requirements.

NOTE: For evaluation and PoC purposes, Netwrix provides a virtual appliance — a virtual machine image with pre-installed Netwrix Data Classification on Generalized Windows Server 2016 (180-day evaluation version) and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express. For details, see Requirements to Deploy Virtual Appliance.

Remember that for production environments, your NDC Server and database server must meet the Requirements to Install Netwrix Data Classification. Virtual appliance configuration is insufficient for production and is not recommended for that purpose.

To balance the load while indexing and classifying data in the large-size and extra-large environments (i.e. with over ≥ 16 mln objects to process), it is strongly recommended to deploy several NDC Servers and configure Distributed Query Server mode for them. See Configuring NDC Servers Cluster and Load Balancing with DQS Mode for more information.