Data Storages and Sizing

Netwrix Data Classification utilizes two data storages:

  • NDC SQL database — SQL Server database that stores product configuration and metadata for the data sources.
  • NDC Index — a full-text search index that comprises a set of files in the proprietary format (.CSE).

NDC SQL database

Make sure you have NDC Server and NDC SQL database deployed on different machines.

It is recommended to create the NDC SQL database on a dedicated SQL Server instance.

  • Minimal requirement is SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.
  • Estimate required disk space assuming 10 - 12 KB per indexed object. For example, for 5, 000, 000 objects, the database size will be approximately 50 GB.
    Therefore, SQL Server Express edition will be only suitable for evaluation and PoC environments (up to 1, 000,000 documents to process).

    TIP: Netwrix recommends using SSD storage for both: database and Netwrix Data Classification servers.

  • If configuring database settings via SQL Server Management Studio, you will need to set Autogrowth / Maxsize values for the PRIMARY database files as follows:
    • File growth: 128 MB - recommended value for small to medium environment, 512 MB - for large environment, i.e. if planning to index data sources containing 1, 000, 000+ objects.

    • Maximum File Size - select Unlimited.
  • Make sure that the Recovery model for this database is set to Simple. Do not change the recovery model — to avoid log files growth.

NDC Index

Required disk space for the NDC Index file storage will depend, in particular, on the data processing mode you plan to use (No Index, Keyword or Compound Term).

As a rule of thumb, required space can be calculated as 35% of data you plan to be indexed. For example, if you have 45 GB of files, they will require up to 15 GB for the NDC Index files.

Scalability and Performance

Scalability and performance testing revealed that based on the number of objects to classify, the environments can be ranged as follows:

Number of objects to classify Environment Comment
Up to 1, 000, 000 Proof-of-concept and small-size environment  
Up to 16, 000, 000 Mid-size environment  
Up to 64, 000, 000 Large-size environment  
More than 64, 000, 000 Extra-large environment System architect's assistance is required for deployment planning requires

Again, consider that for the large-size and extra-large environments, it is strongly recommended to configure a cluster of several NDC Servers and apply DQS mode to these clustered servers. See Configuring NDC Servers Cluster and Load Balancing with DQS Mode for details.