Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit

Built-in Netwrix Auditor self-audit allows tracking every change to monitoring plan, data source, and audit scope and details about it (before-after values) so that you know that scope of data to be audited is complete and changed only in line with workflows adopted by our organization.

The "self-audit" option is enabled in Settings by default.

Review the following for additional information:

To search for self audit results

All Netwrix Auditor self audit Activity Records can be found quickly using AuditIntelligence Search.

  1. In Netwrix Auditor, navigate to Search.
  2. Set the "Data source" filter to "Self-audit".
  3. Click Search to review results:

    NOTE: Having reviewed your results, apply filters to narrow your data. See Apply Filters for more information.

    After browsing your data, navigate to Tools to use the search results as intended. See Make Search Results Actionable for more information.

To review Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit report

Also, there is a new Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit report available under Organization Level Reports in the predefined set of reports. This report shows detailed information on changes to Netwrix Auditor monitoring plans, data sources and audited items. Use this report to ensure that the scope of data to be audited is complete and all changes are in line with the workflows adopted by your organization.

  1. In Netwrix Auditor, navigate to Reports Organization Level Reports.
  2. Select the Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit report and click View.