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Configure Azure Marketplace VM Instance

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and navigate to Virtual machines.
  2. Select Netwrix Auditor image in the software list.
  3. Select Create VM and complete the following fields:

    Option Description


    Specify the name for the new Virtual machine. For example, "NetwrixAuditor".

    VM disk type

    Select disk type that meets your business needs

    User name and password

    Specify credentials to log on the new Virtual machine. This account will be granted the Global Administrator role in Netwrix Auditor.


    Select your Azure subscription type

    Resource group

    In the list of resource groups, assuming you have some applicable assets in your Azure subscription, you should see a list of resource groups.

    You can use one of your configured resource groups or create the new one.


    Browse for required sizes and VM features. Refer to Hardware Requirements section for minimal hardware requirements to deploy Netwrix Auditor.


    Configure the following virtual machine settings, if needed:

    • High availability
    • Network
    • Extensions
    • Auto-shutdown
    • Monitoring

    Summary—Review your Netwrix Auditor image configuration.

  4. Wait until deployment completes. The image may take up to 10 minutes to deploy.
  5. Once the image has been deployed successfully, select Go to resource on the right pane.
  6. Navigate to Virtual machines and make sure that your Netwrix Auditor image status is "Running".
  7. Select Connect—The Remote Desktop File will be downloaded automatically.
  8. In the Windows Security dialog, provide the Netwrix Auditor Global Administrator credentials you specified on the step 3 and log on to the instance.

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