Netwrix Auditor Deployment

Connect to the instance where Netwrix Auditor is going to be deployed. The Windows PowerShell opens and automatically runs the script.

  1. In the Netwrix Auditor Deployment configuration wizard, review computer name and domain to which the computer is joined. Enter Y if you are all right with the default parameters and go to Step 3 to complete deployment.
  2. If you want to rename the computer and join it to another domain or workgroup, follow the additional steps below:

    • Enter N to open the System Properties dialog.
    • Modify computer parameters at your convenience.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Re-establish RDP connection to the instance where Netwrix Auditor is being deployed.

      When completed, you will be taken to the step 1.

  3. The shell script automatically configures SQL Server instance. The sysadmin server role on SQL Server instance is granted automatically to the BUILTIN\Administrators group.

For the first time, Netwrix Auditor client starts automatically. Later, you can always run it from the Start menu or launch it by double-clicking the Netwrix Auditor shortcut on the desktop.

For the first run, you need to specify the password to connect to Audit Database:

  1. In Netwrix Auditor client, navigate to Settings Audit Database.
  2. Click Modify under Default SQL Server Settings and provide the password you have decrypted during AWS instance configuration.