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Configure AWS Instance

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and navigate to Amazon EC2 launch wizard.
  2. Select Netwrix Auditor in the software list and launch the instance. Refer to Launching an AWS Marketplace Instance section for detailed instructions on how to use instances.

    For your convenience, you can rename instance, e.g. "Netwrix Auditor".

  3. The instance may take a few minutes or more to launch. Although your Instance State is "running", it may be unavailable. You can check the image health in two ways:

    • Right-click the instance and select Instance Settings Get Instance Screenshot and review image current state.
    • Right-click the instance and select Instance Settings Get System Log. Empty log means that your image is still being prepared.

    Wait until the System Log contains the Windows is Ready for Use message and connect to the instance.

  4. In the Connect To Your Instance dialog, select Get Password next to Password.

  5. Select your Key Pair file and click Decrypt Password. See Amazon EC2 Key Pairs and Windows Instances for more information on Key Pairs.
  6. Copy the password. Consider that this password will be used to connect to the instance where the product is going to be deployed. It will also function as a service password for Netwrix Auditor and SQL Server and Reporting Services. You can always reset it later upon Netwrix Auditor deployment completion.

  7. Select Download Remote Desktop File and launch the Remote Desktop Connection window by clicking the downloaded RDP file.
  8. In the Windows Security dialog, provide the password you have copied on the step 6 and log on to the instance.

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