Install Microsoft SQL Server and Reporting Services

Netwrix Auditor uses Microsoft SQL Server database as short-term data storage and utilizes SQL Server Reporting Services engine for report generation. You can either use your existing SQL Server for these purposes, or deploy a new server instance. System requirements for SQL Server are listed in the corresponding section of this guide.

Consider the following:

  1. Supported versions are 2008 and later. Note that SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 is not supported; for this version you should install and configure Reporting Services 2008 R2 or later.
  2. Supported editions are Enterprise, Standard and Express with Advanced Services (it includes Reporting Services).
  3. If downloading SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services from Microsoft site, make sure you download the file whose name contains SQLEXPRADV. Otherwise, Reporting Services will not be deployed, and you will not be able to analyze and report on collected data.

By the way of example, this section provides instructions on how to:

For detailed information on installing other versions/editions, refer to Microsoft website.

NOTE: Maximum database size provided in SQL Server Express editions may be insufficient for storing data in bigger infrastructures. Thus, when planning for SQL Server, consider maximum database capacity in different editions, considering the size of the audited environment.