Create Monitoring Plan for Netwrix Auditor System Health Log

If you want to generate reports on health state and to be alerted on important Netwrix Auditor health events, you need to create a dedicated monitoring plan for this log with Netwrix Auditor Event Log Manager standalone tool.

NOTE: You can also review and filter Netwrix Auditor health events right in the product. See Netwrix Auditor System Health Log for more information.

To configure the Netwrix Auditor System Health log monitoring

NOTE: The procedure below describes the basic steps, required for creation of the monitoring plan that will be used to collect data on Netwrix Auditor health status events. See Create Monitoring Plans for Event Logs for more information.

  1. Start Netwrix Auditor Event Log Manager and create the new monitoring plan.

  2. Make sure that the Enable event log collection checkbox is selected. Specify the name for the new monitoring plan, for example, "Netwrix Auditor Health Status".
  3. Navigate to the Monitored computers list and add a server where the Netwrix Auditor Server resides.

    NOTE: Navigate to the Audit Database tab and select Write event descriptions to Audit Database if you want to see the exact error or warning text. Make sure that Audit Database settings are configured properly. See Audit Database for more information.

  4. Click Configure next to Audit archiving filters and select the Netwrix Auditor System Health Log filter in the Inclusive Filters list.