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Launch Audit Configuration Assistant

Audit Configuration Assistant is a part of Netwrix Auditor product setup. It is installed together with Netwrix Auditor client and can be launched from the Start menu.

Select Netwrix Auditor Netwrix Auditor Audit Configuration Assistant.

  • If the utility is installed on the same machine as Netwrix Auditor server, you will be taken to the Welcome step.
  • If the utility is installed on the remote machine together with Netwrix Auditor client, the initial window will allow you to enter the settings to connect to Netwrix Auditor Server. Specify the following:
Setting Description
Host Enter the name or IP address of Netwrix Auditor Server to connect to.
Use specified credentials

If not selected, then your current Windows credentials will be used to access Netwrix Auditor Server.

Select this option if you want to use other credentials

User Enter user account in the domain\name format.
Password Enter account password.

After you click Connect, the connection with Netwrix Auditor Server will be established, and you will be taken to the Welcome step.

Alternatively, you can launch this utility by clicking the corresponding link:

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