On the General tab you can configure global Netwrix Auditor settings, e.g., self-audit, tags, accounts and passwords.

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Option Description


Select to enable data collection for product self-auditing. Self-audit allows tracking every change to monitoring plan, data source, and audit scope and details about it (before-after values) so that you know that scope of data to be audited is complete and changed only in line with workflows adopted by our organization.

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Netwrix Auditor usage statistics

It is optional on your part to help Netwrix improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Netwrix products and services. If selected, Netwrix collects statistical information on how the Licensee uses the product in accordance with applicable law. Visit Netwrix Corporation Software License Agreement for more information about the program.

You can review a sample piece of data if you are interested in data acquired by Netwrix.


Netwrix Auditor allows you to apply tags when creating an alert. With alerts, you can distinguish one alert from another, create groups of similar alerts, etc.

The Tags page contains a complete list of alerts that were ever created in the product.

Currently, you cannot assign or create tags on this page. To apply tags to an alert, navigate to alert settings and locate the Apply tags section on the General tab. Refer to Create Alerts for detailed instructions on how to apply tags.

Account and passwords

Netwrix Auditor allows you to assign different accounts for monitoring plans. Click Manage to review the full list of accounts and associated auditing scope. You can also change accounts' password if necessary.