Netwrix Auditor Integration API—endless integration, auditing and reporting capabilities.

The Netwrix Auditor Integration API provides access to audit data collected by Netwrix Auditor through REST API endpoints. According to the RESTful model, each operation is associated with a URL. Integration API provides the following capabilities:

  • Data in: Solidify security and meet regulatory compliance standards by enabling visibility into what is going on in any third-party application.
  • Data out: Further automate your business processes, IT security and operations workflows by enriching third-party solutions with actionable audit data.

Netwrix Auditor Integration API is enabled by default and communicates through port 9699. Navigate to Settings Integrations to adjust port settings and review information about possible integrations.

Netwrix recommends adding a special data source to your monitoring plan—Netwrix API. See Netwrix API for more information.

NOTE: In Netwrix Auditor 9.0, Netwrix has updated API schemas. Make sure to check and update your custom scripts and add-ons. See Compatibility Notice for more information.

To learn more about Integration API capabilities, refer to Netwrix Auditor Integration API Overview.