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Revision History

Revision # Date Summary of Changes

Revision 1


Initial version of documentation for Netwrix Auditor 9.95.

Revision 2 28/05/2020 Removed excessive settings from Windows File Server audit settings in Configure IT Infrastructure for Auditing and Monitoring
Revision 3 05/06/2020 Minor fixes to screenshots and formatting.
Revision 4 11/06/2020 Updated Components and Settings Monitored on Windows Server section with more details and notes on Windows registry auditing.
Revision 5 19/06/2020

Removed "Does not contain" from the list of operators for "Details" filter in the Filters section.

Added information about actions captured when auditing user sessions to the Actions Captured When Auditing User Sessions.

Updated information about supported versions of network devices in the Supported Data Sources section.

Revision 6 03/07/2020

Added the list of fixes implemented in Update 1 to the What Has Been Fixed section.

Added the note about state-in-time data collection enabled by default for several data sources to the Settings for Data Collection section.

Revision 7 17/07/2020

Fixed the command for updating audit policy for EMC VNX in Configure Audit Object Access Policy

Added a link to KB on adding a Dell EMC Unity storage system as a monitored item to the EMC VNX/VNXe/Unity section.

Added information on AD FS audit data collection to the Event Types and Objects Monitored for AD FS Servers

Added information about logon events to the Object Types and Attributes Monitored on VMware Servers section.

Added Dell EMC Isilon to the Supported Data Sources.

Added a note about using a local user account as the data collecting account to the For Windows File Server Auditing

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