Roll Back Unwanted Changes

  1. Navigate to Start Netwrix Auditor Netwrix Auditor Object Restore for Active Directory.
  2. On the Select Rollback Period step, specify the period of time when the changes that you want to revert occurred. You can either select a period between a specified date and the present date, or between two specified dates.

  3. On the Select Rollback Source step, specify the rollback source. The following restore options are available:

    • State-in-time snapshots—This option allows restoring objects from configuration snapshots made by Netwrix Auditor. This option is more preferable since it allows to restore AD objects with all their attributes.

      Complete the following fields:

      Option Description
      Audited domain Select a domain where changes that you want to rollback occurred.
      Select a state-in-time snapshot Select if you want to revert to a specific snapshot. Otherwise, the program will automatically search for the most recent snapshot that will cover the selected time period.
    • Active Directory tombstones—This option is recommended when no snapshot is available. This is a last resort measure as the tombstone holds only the basic object attributes.

  4. On the Analyzing Changes step, the product analyzes the changes made during the specified time period. When reverting to a snapshot, the tool reviews the changes that occurred between the specified snapshots. When restoring from a tombstone, the tool reviews all AD objects put in the tombstone during the specified period of time.

  5. On the Rollback Results step, the analysis results are displayed. Select a change to see its rollback details in the bottom of the window. Select an attribute and click Details to see what changes will be applied if this attribute is selected for rollback. Check the changes you want to roll back to their previous state.

  6. Wait until the tool has finished restoring the selected objects. On the last step, review the results and click Finish to exit the wizard.