Reports with Video

Netwrix Auditor can be configured to capture video of user activity on the monitored computers that helps analyze and control changes made there. When you click a link, a video player opens and playback of the recorded user activity starts, showing launched applications, actions, etc.

To view reports with video, navigate to Reports User Activity.

NOTE: In the report filters, select a monitoring plan you want to generate a report for. To review data sources and items included in each plan, navigate to the Monitoring Plans section.

NOTE: Each report has a set of filters which help organize audit data in the most convenient way. See Using Report Filters for more information. You can also create a subscription to any report you want to receive on a regular basis. See Subscriptions for more information.

To play a video

  1. Navigate to Reports User Activity. Select any report and click View.
  2. Click a link in the When column.

NOTE: To open User Activity report for the selected user or server, you can also click the link in the Who and Where columns of the All Users Activity report.

Looking for real-life use cases and walk through examples? Check out Netwrix training materials. Go theUser Activity Video Recording page on Netwrix website.