Organization Level Reports

Organization Level reports aggregate data on all monitoring plans and list changes and activity that occurred across all data sources. Also, this folder includes a report on Netwrix Auditor self-audit - it provides detailed information on changes to monitoring plans, data sources and audited items.

Organization Level reports can be found in the Organization Level Reports folder under the Reports node.

This folder includes:

Report Details
Enterprise Overview

Dashboard report with diagrams showing all activities and changes across the monitored data sources.

See also Overview Dashboards.

All Activity with Review Status

Shows all activity across the entire IT infrastructure, including changes, read access and logons. Features interactive review status to supplement your change management workflow.

See also Interactive Reports for Change Management Workflow.

All Changes by Data Source Shows all changes across your IT infrastructure, grouped by data source.
All Changes by Server Shows all changes across the entire IT infrastructure, grouped by the server where the change was made.
All Changes by User Shows all changes across your IT infrastructure, grouped by the user who made the change.
All Integration API Activity Shows all activity records imported with Netwrix Auditor Integration API.
Netwrix Auditor Self-Audit Help to ensure that the scope of data to be audited is complete and all changes are in line with the workflows adopted by your organization.

NOTE: Each report has a set of filters which help organize audit data in the most convenient way. See Using Report Filters for more information. You can also create a subscription to any report you want to receive on a regular basis. See Subscriptions for more information.