Besides notifying about the changes on a daily basis, Netwrix Auditor brings security intelligence into your IT infrastructure and enables complete visibility.

The technology works as follows: Netwrix Auditor can be configured to write collected audit trails to the SQL-based Audit Database and the file-based Long-Term Archive. Netwrix Auditor uses data stored in the Audit Database to generate reports, trigger alerts, and run data searches.

The product provides a variety of predefined reports for each data source that help you keep track of all changes in your IT infrastructure and validate compliance with various standards and regulations (FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.). Friendly, interactive search interface allows users to run custom search queries, while alerts keep them notified on critical changes.

To review intelligence data, you must be assigned the Global administrator or Global reviewer role in the product, or the Reviewer role on the monitoring plan. See Role-based access and delegation for more information.

NOTE: To employ reports, alerts, and interactive search capabilities, you must configure Audit Database settings for each monitoring plan. Also, make sure all databases that store audit data reside on the same default SQL Server instance. Otherwise, this data will not be available in the search results and reports.