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What Has Been Fixed

This section lists issues that were known in the earlier versions and have been fixed in Netwrix Auditor 9.95.

Issue Description
Update 1
Ticket 290971: Item 162938 Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 logs the error "Audit data collection for Monitoring Plan '<planName>' completed with errors" to the Health Log every 10 minutes.
Ticket 287624: Item 156174 Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server returns false-positive results of the audit policies check.
Ticket 287775: Item 158983 When trying to audit Network Devices, Netwrix Auditor's Core Service (NwCoreSvc.exe) does not provide enough performance but increases the CPU load up to 100%.
Ticket 290494: Item 162033 Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint Online cannot collect state-in-time data due to a throttling error: "The remote server returned an error (429): Too many requests".
Ticket 290936: Item 162704 Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint Online does not retry state-in-time data collection after receiving the following error: "Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed."
Ticket 291629: Item 163842 Netwrix Auditor for VMware fails to process vim.event.HostSubSpecificationUpdateEvent vSphere Web Services API event.
Ticket 291629: Item 164861 Netwrix Auditor for VMware reports all changes with 'system' in the 'Who' column.
Ticket 291960: Item 164956 Netwrix Auditor for NetApp cannot collect data from a file share if its path contains multibyte characters.

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