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Registry Keys for Monitoring File Servers

NOTE: Information in this section refers to EMC VNX and Isilon storage systems and NetApp filers older than 8.3.2.

Review the basic registry keys that you may need to configure for monitoring file servers with Netwrix Auditor. Navigate to Start Run and type "regedit".

Registry key (REG_DWORD type) Description / Value
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Netwrix Auditor\File Server Change Reporter


Defines the retention period for the security log backups:

  • 0—Backups are never deleted from file servers
  • [X]— Backups are deleted after [X] hours


Defines whether to process security log backups:

  • 0—No
  • 1—Yes

NOTE: Even if this key is set to "0", the security log backups will not be deleted regardless of the value of the CleanAutoBackupLogs key.

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