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Monitoring Plan Summary

At this step of the wizard, to provide a meaningful name and optional description for your monitoring plan.

To start collecting data, you should specify the objects (items) that belong to the target data source and should be processed according to the settings of this monitoring plan. For example, for Exchange data source the item will be your Exchange server, for Windows Server data source - computer, IP range or AD container, and so on. To add items right after finishing the monitoring plan wizard, select the Add item now checkbox. See Add Items for Monitoring for details.

NOTE: A monitoring plan cannot collect data until at least one item is specified.

Some data sources require additional system components and updates to be installed on your computer. In this case, Netwrix Auditor will inform you and prompt you to check data source prerequisites instead of adding an item.

NOTE: Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database incompatible with Oracle Data Access Components for .Net Framework 4.0 and above. Check that the .Net Framework 3.5 feature is enabled prior to downloading prerequisites.

Once you complete the wizard, you can:

  • Add items to your plan
  • Add more data sources
  • Customize data source's scope and settings (e.g., enable read access auditing)
  • Fine-tune or modify plan settings
  • Delegate control of the plan configuration or collected data to other users.

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