VMware ESX/ESXi/vCenter

Complete the following fields:

Option Description

Specify VMware ESX, ESXi, or vCenter for monitoring

Specify the ESX or ESXi host URL, or vCenter Server URL.

Specify the account for collecting data

Select the account that will be used to collect data for this item. If you want to use a specific account (other than the one you specified during monitoring plan creation), select Custom account and enter credentials. The credentials are case sensitive.

NOTE: A custom account must be granted the same permissions and access rights as the default account used for data collection. See For VMware Server Auditing for more information.

Virtual Machines

Specify monitoring restrictions

Select the virtual machines to be excluded from search results, reports and Activity Summaries. To add VMs to the list, click Add. Then provide the full path of the machine to exclude. Consider the following:

  • To exclude a single VM, provide its full path as shown in the "What" column of reports and Activity Summary, for example: Vcenters\VCenterServer021\VMs\vm01.

  • To exclude several VMs, you can define a mask using a wildcard, for example:

    • *\TestVM* — exclude VMs with names starting with TestVM (e.g., TestVM01, TestVM_new), located anywhere.
    • *TestVM* — exclude VMs with names containing TestVM (e.g., MyTestVM02).

TIP: In addition to the restrictions for a monitoring plan, you can use the *.txt files to collect more granular audit data. Note that the new monitoring scope restrictions apply together with previous exclusion settings configured in the *.txt files. Review the following for more information: Exclude Objects from Monitoring Scope