Fine-Tune Your Plan and Edit Settings

At any time, you can review your plan settings and fine-tune Audit Database, notification and data collection settings.

NOTE: To modify most plan settings, you must be assigned the Global administrator role in the product or the Configurator role on the plan. The Global reviewer or this plan's Reviewer can modify Activity Summary recipients. See Role-based access and delegation for more information.

To edit your plan settings

  1. Select a plan in the All Monitoring Plans list and click Edit.
  2. In the right pane, select Edit settings.
  3. In the Plan Settings page, review the tabs and modify settings.

    Option Description



    Update a plan name or its description.

    Data Collection

    Specify the account for collecting data

    • User name
    • Password

    Specify a new user name and a password for the account that Netwrix Auditor will use to collect data.

    Make sure the account has sufficient permissions to collect data. For a full list of the rights and permissions, and instructions on how to configure them, refer to Data Collecting Account.

    Audit Database

    Disable security intelligence and make data available only in activity summaries

    Keep this checkbox cleared if you want Netwrix Auditor to write data to the Audit Database.

    Use default SQL Server settings

    Select this checkbox to write data to a SQL Server instance with connection parameters as shown in Settings Audit Database. See Audit Database for more information.

    Specify custom connection parameters

    Specify this option to use non-default settings (e.g., use a different authentication method or user).

    NOTE: Make sure to store data on the same SQL Server instance. Otherwise some data may become unavailable for search and reporting.


    Specify Activity Summary delivery schedule

    Configure how often you want to receive an Activity Summary. By default, it is delivered once a day, at 3 AM. You can specify custom delivery time and frequency (e.g., every 6 hours starting 12 AM—at 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM).

    Customize notifications

    By default, Activity Summary lists changes and activity in email body. For most data sources, if an Activity Summaries contains more than 1,000 activity records, these records are sent as a CSV attachment, bigger attachments are compressed in ZIP files.

    • Attach Activity Summary as a CSV file—You can configure Netwrix Auditor to always send emails with attachments instead of listing activity and changes in email body.
    • Compress attachment before sending—You can configure Netwrix Auditor to always compress attachments in a ZIP file, irrespective of its size and number of activity records.

    Specify the recipients who will receive daily activity summaries

    Modify a list of users who will receive daily activity summaries. Click Add Recipient and provide email address.

    NOTE: It is recommended to click Send Test Email. The system will send a test message to the specified email address and inform you if any problems are detected.