General settings

On the General tab, you can configure the following settings for SQL Server data source:

Option Description

Monitor this data source and collect activity data

Enable monitoring of the selected data source and configure Netwrix Auditor to collect and store audit data.

Monitor SQL Server configuration changes

Always enabled, as SQL Server configuration changes are always monitored.

Monitor SQL Server logon activity

Specify what types of logon events you want to monitor: successful or failed, performed through Windows and SQL authentication.

  • Failed SQL and Windows logons
  • Successful SQL logons
  • Successful Windows logons
Collect data for state-in-time reports

Configure Netwrix Auditor to store the snapshots of your SQL Server instance configuration — you will require them for state-in-time reports generation. See State–in–Time Reports for more information.

The product updates the latest snapshot on the regular basis to keep users up-to-date on actual system state. Only the latest snapshot is available for reporting in Netwrix Auditor.

If you want to generate reports based on different snapshots, you must import snapshots to the Audit Database.

NOTE: To import snapshots, you must be assigned the Global administrator or the Global reviewer role in Netwrix Auditor.

  1. In the Manage historical snapshots section, click Manage and select the snapshots that you want to import.
  2. Move the selected snapshots to the Snapshots available for reporting list using the arrow button.
  3. When finished, click OK.

See also Using historical data.