Manage Data Sources

You can fine-tune data collection for each data source. Settings that you configure for the data source will be applied to all items belonging to that data source. Using data source settings, you can, for example:

  • Enable state-in-time data collection (currently supported for several data sources)
  • Depending on the data source, customize the monitoring scope (e.g., enable read access auditing, monitoring of failed attempts)

NOTE: To add, modify and remove data sources, enable or disable monitoring, you must be assigned the Global administrator role in the product or the Configurator role on the plan. See Role-based access and delegation for more information.

To modify data source settings:

  1. Select the monitoring plan you need and click Edit.
  2. Within the monitoring plan window, highlight the data source (the first one is the row right under the blue table header) and click Edit data source on the right:

  3. Modify data source settings as you need.
  4. When finished, click Save.

For details on the data source settings, see related section:

Also, you can add a data source to the monitoring plan, or remove a data source that is no longer needed.

To add a data source to existing plan

  1. Select the monitoring plan you need and click Edit.
  2. In the right pane, select Add data source.
  3. Specify a data source.
  4. Configure settings specific to your data source.

  5. When finished, click the Add button to save the settings.