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Exclude Data from Inactive Users Monitoring Scope

You can fine-tune Netwrix Auditor by specifying data that you want to exclude from the Inactive User monitoring scope.

To exclude data from the Inactive Users monitoring scope

  1. Navigate to the %ProgramData%\Netwrix Auditor\Inactive Users Tracker folder.
  2. Edit the *.txt files, based on the following guidelines:

    • Each entry must be a separate line.
    • Wildcards (* and ?) are supported.
    • Lines that start with the # sign are treated as comments and are ignored.
File Description Syntax


Contains a list of accounts to be excluded from processing.



Contains a list of domain controllers to be excluded from processing.

Netwrix Auditor skips all automated deactivation actions for inactive accounts (disable, move, delete) even if one domain controller is unavailable during scheduled task execution. Add the unavailable domain controllers to this file to ensure Netwrix Auditor functions properly.

Full DNS name or NetBIOS name

NOTE: IP addresses are not supported.


Contains a list of organizational units to be excluded from processing.


For example:


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