Netwrix Auditor System Health Log

When an error occurs, a system administrator or support engineer must determine what caused this error and prevent it from recurring. For your convenience, Netwrix Auditor records important events in the proprietary Netwrix Auditor System Health event log.

You can review events directly in the product:

  • When issues encountered during data collection, click Details... in the Status column and select View Health Log.


  • In the main screen, in the Configuration section click the Health status tile, then in the Health log dashboard widget click Open health log. See Health Log for more information.

NOTE: You can also inspect the log in the Event Viewer.

There are three types of events that can be logged:

Event Type Description


An event that describes the successful operation beginning or completion. For example, the product successfully completed data collection for a monitoring plan.


An event that is not necessarily significant, but may indicate a possible future problem. For example, the product failed to process a domain controller.


An event that indicates a significant problem such as loss of data or loss of functionality. For example, the product failed to retrieve settings for your data source.

Review the following:

If you want to monitor Netwrix Auditor health status in more depth, you can do the following: