Review Health Status Dashboard

New Health Status dashboard facilitates Netwrix Auditor maintenance and troubleshooting tasks, providing IT specialists with at-a-glance view on the most critical factors: data collection performance, product health and storage capacity. The dashboard comprises a set of widgets that display the status of these aspects using aggregated statistics and charts. Nearly each widget allows you to drill down to the detailed information on the aspect you are interested in.

To view the dashboard, on the main Netwrix Auditor page, click the Health status tile located in the Configuration section.

The dashboard includes the following widgets:

  • The Activity records by date chart—Shows the number of activity records produced by your data sources, collected and saved by Netwrix Auditor during the last 7 days. See Activity Records Statistics for details.
  • The Monitoring overview widget—Shows aggregated statistics on the statuses of all monitoring plans configured in Netwrix Auditor at the moment. See Monitoring Overview for details.
  • The Health log chart—Shows the statistics on the events written in the Netwrix Auditor health log in the last 24 hours. Click the link in this widget to view the log. See Health Log for details.
  • The Database statistics widget—Helps you to estimate database capacity on the default SQL Server instance that hosts the product databases. See Database Statistics for details.
  • The Long-Term Archive widget—Helps you to estimate the capacity of the Long-Term Archive file-based storage. To modify its settings, including location and retention, click the link in this widget. See Long-Term Archive Capacity for details.
  • The Working Folder widget—Helps you to estimate the capacity of the Netwrix Auditor working folder used to keep operational information (configuration files of the product components, log files, and other data) on the Netwrix Auditor Server. See Netwrix Auditor Working Folder for details.

You can also instruct Netwrix Auditor to forward similar statistics as a health summary email to personnel in charge. For that, click Notification settings, then follow the steps described in the Notifications section. See also Netwrix Auditor Health Summary Email.