Activity Records Statistics

Aggregated statistics on the activity records is provided in the Activity records by date widget. The chart shows the number of activity records produced by your data sources, collected and saved by Netwrix Auditor during the last 7 days. This data can help you to assess the activity records generation intensity in your IT infrastructure, and product load.

After you click View details, the Activity Records Statistics window will be displayed.

By default, statistics on activity records processing is grouped by Monitoring plan and presented for the Last 7 days. To modify the timeframe, use the drop-down list in the upper right corner.

Other fields provide the following information: data source that produces activity records, with date and time of the last collected record, and the overall number of records collected and uploaded to the corresponding Audit database during the specified timeframe.

NOTE: If the data sources processed by a monitoring plan did not produce any activity records during the specified timeframe, this monitoring plan will not appear in the list.