This section provides instructions on how to troubleshoot issues that you may encounter while using Netwrix Auditor.

TIP: If your issue is not listed in the table below, try searching Netwrix Knowledge Base.

If you need assistance from the Technical Support team, you can open a ticket using the Customer portal as described in the Creating a ticket with Customer portal section.

Issue Reason and solution

I cannot connect/logon to Netwrix Auditor.

  1. You may have insufficient permissions. Contact your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator to make sure that your account is delegated control of the product.
  2. You are trying to connect to a remote Netwrix Auditor Server specified by its IP address while the NTLM authentication is disabled. Try specifying a server by its name (e.g., EnterpriseWKS).

I do not receive any results while searching audit data or generating reports, or I am sure that some data is missing.

  1. No changes were detected.
  2. You do not have sufficient permissions to review intelligence data. Contact your Global administrator.
  3. Review your filter settings and make sure that your filters are properly configured. Try modifying your search.
  4. You are looking for changes that occurred more than 180 days ago. These changes are no longer available for reporting and running searches. Ask your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator to import audit data for a required date range from the Long-Term Archive.
  5. Data collection for this monitoring plan might not have been launched two times yet or there was no data collection after this change; therefore, audit data has not been written to the Audit Database yet.
  6. Some settings in Netwrix Auditor are configured incorrectly. Contact your Netwrix Auditor administrator to make sure that:

    • The monitoring plan you want to audit is properly configured, and the monitoring is enabled for each data source individually.
    • Audit Database settings are properly configured for each data source individually and Disable security intelligence and make data available only in activity summaries is cleared.

      NOTE: Netwrix recommends to store all audit data on the same default SQL Server instance.

"No plans found" text in the Monitoring plan field.

Contact your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator or Configurator to make sure that the monitoring plans exist and are properly configured.

I see a blank window instead of a report.

Contact your Netwrix Auditor Global administrator to make sure that you are granted sufficient permissions on the Report Server.

To view reports in a web browser

  • Open a web browser and type the Report Manager URL (found under SettingsAudit Database). In the page that opens, navigate to the report you want to generate and click the report name. You can modify the report filters and click View Report to apply them.

I configured report subscription to be uploaded to a file server, but cannot find it / cannot access it.

Subscriptions can be uploaded either to a file share (e.g., \\filestorage\reports) or to a folder on the computer where Netwrix Auditor Server is installed. To access these reports, you must be granted the Read permission.

When trying to collect event data from Active Directory domain, an error message like this appears in Netwrix Health Log:

Monitoring Plan: <Monitoring_Plan_Name> The following error has occurred while processing '<Item_Name>': Error collecting the security log of the domain <Domain_Name>. Failed to process the domain controller <Domain_Controller_Name> due to the following error: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

This may happen due to Secondary Logon Service disabled state. To collect event data from the domain, this service must be up and running. Open its properties and start the service.

Creating a ticket with Customer portal

  1. Sign in at

  2. You can search or browse through the Knowledge Base articles here, or click Create New Ticket:

  3. Fill in the form, describing the issue, and click Open a ticket.

  4. After that, you will be able to attach the files you need (screenshots, emails, reports, etc.).