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Save Search Query Results

You can export your search query results, save them as a custom report, subscribe to periodic delivery of this search results, create a search-based alert.

Navigate to Tools in the top right corner of the Search window and select the required action.

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Save as report

Save your search results as custom reports. See Custom Search-Based Reports.

Create alert

Create an alert with the same set of filters you have just specified for your search. Create Alerts


Create subscription for periodic delivery of the search query results. See Subscriptions

NOTE: Subscription to the search results is not the same as creation of a custom report using this search.

Export data

Save your search results as a .pdf or .csv file. All audit data from your search query results will be exported (unlike the interactive view which is limited to the top 2,000 entries).

NOTE: When exporting large amount of data (e.g., changes made by a newly retired employee during the last 8 months), it is recommended to use .csv format.

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