Make Search Results Actionable

After browsing your data, navigate to Tools to use the search results as intended. Review the following for additional information:

Use... To...

Copy search

Copy the search filters that are currently applied to your search. This can be helpful if you want to share your search with a colleague (e.g., by pasting it in an email) or you want to modify a saved search with your current filters.

Paste search

Paste the search filters you copied before. These can be filters copied from a previous search or those someone shared with you.

Save as report

Refer to Custom Search-Based Reports for detailed instructions on how to save your searches as custom reports and access them instantly.

Create alert

Create an alert with the same set of filters you have just specified for your search. See Create Alerts for more information.


Create subscription to search of interest. See Subscriptions for more information.

NOTE: Mind that when you create a subscription to the search results, you do not create a custom report with this search.

Select columns

Select columns you want to display in your search and set them in the appropriate order to arrange your search. See Customize View for more information.

Hide details

Hide activity record and user account details (e.g., user account group membership).

Export data

Save your search results as a pdf or csv file.

When saving search results to a file, you are not limited to the top 2,000 entries; all audit data relevant to your search will be exported.

NOTE: Using csv files is recommended when exporting large amount of data (e.g., changes made by a newly retired employee during the last 8 months).