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Apply Filters

Filters are used to narrow your search results. To create a unique set of filters, you can:

  • Add different filters to your search. Search results will be sorted by all selected filters since they work as a logical conjunction (e.g., Who: Administrator AND Action: Added).
  • Specify several values in the same filter to search for any of them (e.g., Action: Modified OR Action: Removed). To do this, select a filter again and specify a new value.

    NOTE: Spaces do not separate values, so the whole expression will be included in your search as a single value. For example, if you want to search for any of three names, do not enter Anna Mark Bill but instead create a separate filter entry for each name.

To modify a filter value

  • Double-click it and type a new value.

    NOTE: The When filter cannot be modified in the Search field. Delete it and add a new value, or navigate to the Advanced mode to edit it.

To remove a filter

  • Click the Close icon next to the filter.

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